Pool Opening/Closing Services - $300.00*
Pools larger than 20'x40' - $350.00*
Retainer is required for pool openings

Opening Includes:
Remove cover
Install deck equipment
Assemble and start filtration system
Thorough pool cleaning, test and balance water

Closing Includes:
Clean pool thoroughly
Remove all deck equipment
Test and balance water
Winterize plumbing and filtration system
Install cover

Pool & Spa Combinations - $400.00*
Larger than 20'x40' - $450.00*

Opening Combo Includes:
Install deck equipment
Complete cleaning
Fill with water
Start filtration system
Test and balance water

Closing Combo Includes:
Clean pool and spa thoroughly
Remove all deck equipment
Winterize plumbing and filtration system
Install pool and spa covers

*Chemicals at an additional cost

Weekly Pool and Spa Services
Pool Only - $65.00
Pools larger than 20'x40' - $70.00
Pool and Spa Combo - $75.00
Pool and Spa Combo larger than 20'x40' - $80.00

Thorough pool cleaning
Scrubbing the tile line
Netting the surface
Brushing walls
Emptying all baskets
Servicing all related equipment
Test firing the heater
Balancing the water

Repairs and Service Calls
General Service Rate - $65.00/hr
2nd Man - $55.00/hr

Pressure testing, diving, dye test - $225.00/hr

Winter pool check - $65.00

Pump out excess water from rain or snow
Check water condition
Adjust and clean debris off cover
Inspect overall pool and property condition

Complete Pool renovations (gunite and vinyl pools)
Marble dusting
Tiling - installation and cleaning services
Safety covers
Safety fences
Acid washes
New skimmer and return lines
Heater installation and servicing
Filter installation and servicing
Pump installation and servicing
Salt Generator installation and servicing

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